Breeze Reviews: Uncut Gems

For a four-minute sequence in the new film “Uncut Gems,” Howard Ratner (Adam Sandler) can’t open a door. He tries pressing buttons, using hammers and pouring metal shavings into a lock until he finally manages to pry it open and allow his customers entry to his jewelry store.  Throughout the sequence, characters shout over eachContinue reading “Breeze Reviews: Uncut Gems”

Breeze Reviews: Marriage Story

During a scene in Noah Baumbach’s newest film, “Marriage Story,” an attorney tells Adam Driver’s character, Charlie Barber, “Criminal lawyers see bad people at their best; divorce lawyers see good people at their worst.” Over his career, Baumbach has made a living off portraying film characters at their worst, most dysfunctional or most insecure. ThisContinue reading “Breeze Reviews: Marriage Story”

Breeze Reviews: Knives Out

One of the most overused phrases in film commentary is, “They don’t make movies like this anymore.” It’s become shorthand in a time where Disney and Marvel control the box office and intellectual property is king. Usually, this disclaimer feels a bit exaggerated, yearning for a nostalgic past that never quite existed. But in theContinue reading “Breeze Reviews: Knives Out”

Breeze Reviews: The Irishman

Martin Scorsese’s American crime epic, “The Irishman,” won’t be available to stream on Netflix until Nov. 27. Yet in order to qualify for Academy Awards consideration, the film must screen in theaters for a minimum of 14 days. As a result, Netflix has put the film in as many theaters as possible, although most theaterContinue reading “Breeze Reviews: The Irishman”

Breeze Reviews: Ford vs. Ferrari

In “Ford v. Ferrari,” famed sports car designer Carroll Shelby takes his boss, Henry Ford II, for a drive in his newly built race car. As the drive begins, Ford II attempts to lean into the macho image that made his grandfather an American icon. He mumbles reassurances to himself. He shifts in his seat.Continue reading “Breeze Reviews: Ford vs. Ferrari”